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On Wednesday, 9 December 2015 0 comments

~The Anima-Ture~

So it seems that whenever i share a picture from Tumblr it shows all kind of code gibberish..

Sorry for that.
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Kindness and bitter sadness in one wordless comic.

On 0 comments

~The Anima-Ture~
It is so worth the share!

I cried when i reached the end. It is illustrated so nicely that even without words, it seems you are reading a story.

You will have to click on the picture and use CTRL + Mousewheel up to zoom in.

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On Monday, 30 November 2015 0 comments

~The Anima-Ture~

Here is a random GIF i want to share with the world.

Spread the awesomeness of Sailor Moon!

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A-Channel Specials

On Tuesday, 27 October 2015 0 comments

~The Anima-Ture~

Starts as normal and then we see how Tooru gets into her new uniform and that is it for the first special.

In special number two they are going to the movies and Tooru insisted to go with Yuuko as partner to see a certain movie.
Yuuko can't handle anything that has to do with horror and Tooru knows about this and takes her out for a horror movie and gets Yuuko traumatized.

Special number three is about the daily conflict between Kitou and Satou as Kitou slapped Run's forehead and he is the magical nurse that is everywhere where Run is.
He simply wanted to look at her forehead just because he was bored.
It is funny how he is always so calm and irritating towards others while acting normal.

Special four shows us yet again that Run is such a airhead that she sometimes go into other peoples home without realizing it, thinking it is her home.

It is weird that they changes Nagi's appearance that suddenly her voice does not fit the character.
It is weird that once she removes her glasses she can't see anything correctly and yet she could walk in the mall.
When asking for some directions she was talking to a mannequin.

Special 6 once again freaks Yuuko out as they're playing a horror game and suddenly they turned into mafia members.
Quickly enough we know what happens as they are suddenly in a room and there is a cockroach there.
Once again they let Yuuko suffer which actually makes it funny and then they all run off leaving her alone.

Nagi is the odd one out of the whole group.
She is sometimes crazy, mad, strange, childish, weird, Tsundere, flirtish and last, she thinks she is too fat to become a model.
In special 7 we get to see that she actually likes it to look cute but it didn't fit with her character.

Special 8 is once again something that is freaking Yuuko out and sure there is something that the Mangaka wants us to be clear of.
Tooru loves to whack  Yuuko's boobs because she is the perfect loli and every time she looks freaky at Yuuko she is smacking them or fondling her all over.

Special 9 starts with Yuuko walking around at night and the first thing we get to see as the 'stalker' is the form of her nurse at school and then she is thinking about molesters and suddenly a mini-Satou was flying around the screen with pants and nurse overall.
It also shows us that Run remembers people with hints and not like we know people by their appearance or looks or whatever.

I have nothing to say about special 10, let's skip the floor heating or the stove not warming enough even tough i could complain about my electric fire too...

Special 11 is about cooking a homemade lunch with a misunderstanding here and there as food and soft boobs make a weird combination.

Special 12 is making me think that Kitou should've been in the drama's club but then again i miss emotion when she hurts herself.
Satou on the other hand is still the cool guy that is slow and goes around things smoothly.
Everyone would have the same reaction as Satou and that would be 'during Math, how the hell?'.

Stepping on a students robe is so much fun when it is Tooru.

Lucky that i never took my cat with me to school on accident without knowing it, would mean one hell of a ride for the two cats i've got.
The weirdest thing is that his name was 'carbonated' in every episode and special and now it really was 'Tansan' in the subs.
Perverted kids, i love them and Nagi censors too!

I gave the A channel specials a 4 out of 5 on Anime-Planet

*Additional notes*

Specials are not worth it to be watched most of the time but i do suggest everyone to watch these if you like A channel.

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Earning money by using advertising links on work of others? SHAME ON YOU

On Wednesday, 25 March 2015 0 comments

~The Anima-Ture~

I know this might sound strange to some of you as i also use content that i did not create.

The difference between me using it and those who use advertised links is that i don't earn anything for it if people click on it.

 Lately every Anime-related page i can find on Facebook with a decent amount of likes is using advertised links to let you download a picture they post in medium quality in high quality.

Every 1k clicks earns them money and the artist gets nothing from it.

Most of the time they don't even say from who they got the picture or who the artist is.

I could do the same thing as making an anime related page is easy and to get people you just pick the easiest fan-base there is to grab.

The share for share thing is one network of people that are set on getting as much likes as possible to eventually get to the stage of using advertised links for content they did not create.

I would use advertised links on links that lead to my blog with content that i have produced.

If i didn't produced it, i won't use advertised links for it unless given permission to do so.

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Comparing two unrelated titles

On Saturday, 21 March 2015 0 comments

I really don't know why people compare the movie 'Lucy' to 'Elfen Lied'.

I knew from the moment i saw the trailer that it had nothing to do with Elfen Lied's Lucy.

Even a major Anime Database site owner promoted Lucy as they could relate it to Elfen Lied

I got a lot of people ranting at me for not knowing what i was talking about on that very page.

I even recall someone asking me this "How can you know it is not related to Elfen Lied if the movie is not out yet?".

My reply was "How could you know that it is related to Lucy from Elfen Lied? This is about a person getting to use more than 10% of her brain capacity and unlocks powers that every human would have if they could all do it.
Lucy from Elfen Lied had the power from birth as she is a Diclonius or evolved species and not a human that is able to use more brain capacity."

After that is was just a shitstorm of people disliking what i said and some still trying to get some theories explained that the movie could be related and being inspired by Elfen Lied.

Well when the movie came out it does look like i got it right. Not a single bit of the movie resembles Elfen Lied.

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Givaway Titan Quest Gold !

On Thursday, 25 December 2014 0 comments

~The Anima-Ture~
I have had a thought about it (my previous entry) and my way of giving it away will be requiring your help to me.

I want to make this blog worthy of your time and fun to read.

This is just one out of million blogs, but i want to let the name pass around by working for it.

So the requirements for having a go at winning Titan Quest Gold are :

- Suggestions for writing methode(s)
- Suggestions for reviews (What to put my focus on to keep the reading interesting)
- What i could use/do to improve.

You just leave a reply down below here with what you've got to tell me AND most important to leave your Steam username in the very same reply too.

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